Friday, September 17, 2010

10 months old

My baby girl is 10 months old. Here's an update on what Brooke can do:

-She's a fast crawler. She's been crawling for a few months now and you have to keep your eyes on her when she is on the move.

-Brooke loves to pull herself up and stand. She has a little stroller she likes to push and practice walking.

-She loves to dance and immediately starts bouncing when she hears music with a fast beat.

-She weighs 20 lbs 10 oz (75th percentile) and is 28 inches (50th percentile).

-She is still a great sleeper. Brooke typically sleeps from 7:30pm - 7:00am. She loves to wiggle and change positions. Each time I check on her at night, she is in a different position.

-Brooke is a great eater as well. She loves to eat and she'll eat anything. We have not found one food she does not like so far.

-She says dada, mama, hey and bye. She babbles all the time.

-She has the cutest laugh. I love making her laugh. We both love to play in her room after bath time and just giggle non-stop for a few minutes.

-Brooke loves to clap and will actually clap when you ask her to.

-She loves getting into everything.

Brooke has been such a blessing to our family. Sometimes I look at her and cry because I am so thankful God blessed me with such a sweet baby girl.