Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Thanksgiving outfits

The girls have some cute outfits to wear the next couple of weeks.  I'm lucky to have a friend with two older girls that are two years apart.  She have loaned me some cute matching outfits for the girls.  Here they are in their turkey dresses.

And I found a cute monogrammed shirt for Brooke at a local consignment shop.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

20 year high school reunion

It looked like my class was not going to have a 20 year reunion.  Then a few weeks ago, my best friend from elementary school started posting on Facebook that she was trying to put a reunion together.  So last night, Trey and I drove up to Dahlonega for my high school reunion.

It was a little awkward at first. I have not kept in touch with anyone other than through Facebook.  It was fun, though, once everyone got more comfortable.  I was a little disappointed  in the low turnout, but thankful for a chance to reconnect with some dear friends.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Happy birthday

My sweet Brooke turns 4 today.  She is growing up way too fast.  We started the birthday celebration last night by going out to eat.  Brooke picked Mexican.  The waiters brought out a huge dessert and sang to her.
Then we went home for cake and gifts. Brooke wanted a Rapunzel cake.
For gifts, we have Brooke a few books, Barbie alarm clock and Lalaloopsy doll.  She was so sweet after opening her gifts.  She said, "thank you all for everything. I love my gifts."

We then made a last minute decision to head to Lake Lanier Island Night of Lights.  It i normally $60 to drive thru, but they had a special last night. Free entry if any person wore a tacky Christmas sweater.  The girls had a great time and it was worth it for free entry.

Brooke has her official birthday party today at our local zoo.  She invited her classmates and church friends and several attended.  The kids got to touch a opossum, rat and duck. We also went on a walking tour of the zoo.  After the tour, the kids had cake and ice cream.  It was a lot of fun and we had to do very little.
I am so thankful for this precious little girl.  

Saturday, November 2, 2013

6 years

My life changed forever on November 2, 2007.  On this day, I married Trey.  We have had many ups and downs in these last 6 years, but I know I wouldn't want to go through life with anyone else.

Halloween 2013

We had a very busy week leading up to Halloween.  On the Friday night before Halloween, Chick-Fil-a organized a trick or treat event with several businesses in the area. We decided to do that.  It wasn't that great. The highlight if the night was that Menchie's gave little cups of froyo.  Some businesses ran out of candy.  Some just had buckets of candy for kids to help themselves.  We are telling our girls one piece only yet the kids in front of us would grab as many pieces as they could with encouragement for the parents.  It is just disappointing to see that sort of behavior.

On Saturday, we went to the Athens Corn Maze.  We all had a great time.  We did the maze and the girls played in the box of corn.  Then we did the hayride. We finished our visit by petting the animals on the farm. 

We bought our pumpkin at Publix this year.  Brooke helped carve the pumpkin. She wanted a sad face because our pumpkin was sad that we took him from his mom and dad.

Our church decided to not do a trunk or treat this year, so we went to another church's trunk or treat on Sunday night.  Brooke played a few games and we got lots of candy.  Brooke dressed up in a Rapunzel costume and AG dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

A group at UGA has a festival type event for kids every year.  We just found out about it this year. It was on the 29th.  The was a small fee but we decided to go to this as well.  The girls got pizza and a drink.  Brooke rode a pretty large pony.  I actually got nervous a few times as she looked like she was about to fall off.  They had a few more animals and games.  Brooke also saw one of her teachers from school. Both girls dressed up as fairies.  Brooke was Tinkerbell. I found the costume at a consignment shop for $5.

Finally, we went trick or treating in our neighborhood on Halloween night.  I had Brooke's old Elmo costume for AG.  At first, she did not want to wear it. But once she got it on, she loved it. We started around 6pm and a lot of houses did not have lights on at first. But eventually most houses had lights on.  Anna Grace was loving every minute. She would even say trick or treat. She started getting tired around 7pm, so we headed home.  I put AG to bed and Trey and Brooke set up in the driveway to pass out candy.  We also has some cards from our church to pass out with the candy.  I think Brooke had more fun passing out candy than trick or treating.  They stayed out until around 8pm.  

It was a busy week, so it will be nice to get back on our regular schedule.