Thursday, April 30, 2009

Missing Luke

Today has been rough. I've really been missing my baby boy today. Luke's due date was just a few days ago. It is still so hard for me to comprehend why he is not here with us. I am trying my best to be thankful for the blessings God has given us and will give us, but sometimes all I really want is to have Luke back in my arms.

Trey wrote a poem for me shortly after Luke passed away. I did not know if I would ever post it on here or not, but I have decided to post it on here. Hopefully, he will not mind that I am sharing this with all of you. CLB

What tears did you cry today?
The tears I saw that night,
Filled with hopelessness, anger, and betrayal?
Those tears are like acid,
Eating at the soul and the heart.

What tears did you cry today?
The mournful tears of loneliness
That soak the depths of your being?
Those tears are like a flood,
Rotting the roots of growth.

What tears did you cry today?
The tears I cry when you push me away?
The tears I keep inside pretending to be brave,
Letting build up like a dam holds a river.

What tears did you cry today?
Tears of joy, and of hope, and of love?
Cry those tears.
Let those Tears Flow.
Let those tears enrich you,
And bring bloom within you.

What tears did you cry today?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Passing of a Great Man.

My Great-Uncle Bubba Bateman passed away yesterday, after a battle with Alzheimer's. He was 92 and lived a full life.

Everyone should have an Uncle Bubba. I was asked one time who I looked up to, who had an influence on me. I gave credit to my dad, but also mentioned what an influence Uncle Bubba had been.

Uncle Bubba never had kids, and that is a shame. So many of us saw him as a second father, an additional grandfather, and whatever we needed him to be. I can only imagine what a great father he would have been. While none of us know exactly what heaven holds for us, I can imagine Uncle Bubba finding my little boy up there and the two of them sharing time together the way he and I did here.

Bubba served in World War II, and will receive the honors that go with that at his burial on Friday.

And I will receive maybe the highest honor of my life, as he chose me to receive the flag draped over his coffin. Words can not describe my pride, and my humbleness at the same time. It will be forever displayed prominently, next to Cheri's Dad's flag.

God Bless You, Uncle Bubba.