Saturday, February 15, 2014

Earthquake in Georgia

If the weather wasn't strange enough for you this week, we had an earthquake in Georgia last night.  Trey and I had just gotten into bed when the house and windows began to shake.  I could tell it wasn't a plane flying to low.  Trey said it was an earthquake, but I wasn't so sure. He said to check Facebook.  Within minutes, many people were posting on Facebook about the earthquake.

The epicenter was actually in South Carolina and I think it was a 4.4.  We were in a pretty big earthquake in California when I was 8 years old.  I'll never forget it and that is why my dad decided he wanted to move back to Georgia.  The earthquake last night was not that bad, but it was scary.

Praying for some nice, quiet and peaceful days to recover from the last few.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Days Part Two

Believe it or not, another winter weather event took place in Georgia this week.  It is rare for our area to get snow, so twice in the same year is extremely unlikely.

Monday night, the forecast was the first winter weather would begin early Tuesday morning.  Most schools including the university where I work ended up canceling classes for Tuesday. There was sleet and a little snow throughout the day, but no accumulation.

The next event was to begin late Tuesday/early Wednesday and continue throughout the day.  Once again, school was cancelled for Wednesday.  We got mostly sleet on Wednesday.

The snowfall finally started late Wednesday. We woke up to about 3 inches of snow on the ground.  We all went outside to play in it today and built a snowman.  All the girls love the snow especially Anna Grace.

There is still snow on the ground, but we will finally return to work tomorrow (Friday) at 10 am.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Brooke's selfies

This is what happens when a 4 year old gets your phone.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Anna's curls

I'm getting behind on blogging again.  There really has not been too much happening to blog about.  Hopefully, I will be a little more consistent this year.

Anna Grace has the craziest hair. Some days it is super curly and other days it is just wavy.  I love the ringlet curls.  Some people have said I need to get it cut before it gets too long. Others say I should wait.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow 2014

We actually had snow this past week.  We ended up with about an inch and a half.  This was AG's first experience with snow and also Brooke's first time to really play in it and remember it.

The girls played in it some and built a snowman, but they really didn't get that excited about the snow.  My office closed at 3:30 on Tuesday, all day on Wednesday and a delayed opening until 11am on Thursday. 

I only have a few pictures. Most of the pictures are on Trey's phone, so I may add more pics later.