Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Baby Weight

I had another check-up and ultrasound yesterday. Baby Bliss weighs 15 ounces which is right on target according to our doctor. Everything looks great, but I will continue to see the doctor every two weeks for at least the next few weeks.

My belly is continuing to grow and I put on a few pounds last week. No belly pictures at this time, though, since we somehow managed to misplace our camera. Hopefully, we will be purchasing a new one in the next few weeks. Feel free to share your digital camera recommendations with us.

We have a first name picked out for Baby Bliss, but I'm not sure if we are ready to share it on here just yet. Still trying to decide on the middle name, but we have it narrowed down to a few choices. Stay tuned as I'm sure we will be sharing the name on here soon.


Monday, July 27, 2009

Back From the Beach

Well, the beach trip has come and gone again, and it is time to settle back into the routine of life and get ready for Audrey to go back to school.

Adding to the excitement on Tybee this year was the filming of a movie starring Miley Cyrus. Audrey was excited to hopefully get to see her, but at the same time, she did a good job of not getting her hopes up too high. Well, as fate would have it...we didn't see her. But we did get to see a few things related to the movie, including the church pictured on this blog. It is not a real church, simply a set built for the film, but it fooled my dad, and if you didn't know it, would fool many others. This picture was after it had been "burned" for a scene, but it has since been redone, and looks like an old church being restored.

So now, as we get back to real life, we have to get thru a few weeks of trepidation. Cheri is at 21 weeks right now, and it was at 23 weeks that things went wrong with Luke. We are feeling very positive, and Dr. Goggin tells us that all things are looking great, but it is ALWAYS in the back of our minds. I can say for myself, and I am sure Cheri will agree, we will be very happy when we can turn the calendar to September...with all things still looking great for the baby. We just have to continue to have trust in God, that He will take care of all things.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Bliss is a....

GIRL! We found out last week, but have been too busy to update the blog. Even more important than the sex of the baby, our doctor says all her organs look great. We were even able to count her fingers and toes.

It looks like I'll be seeing the doctor a little more frequently now and have more ultrasounds which will ease my mind a bit. Ultimately, I have to trust God. I continually remind myself that He is in control.

As for the sex of our baby, I was pretty certain we were having a girl a few weeks into the pregnancy. With Luke, I had morning sickness all the time. With this baby, I feel great most of the time other than being exhausted. The first pregnancy I really wanted a boy. After losing Luke, I said I'd never hope or pray for a certain sex again. We just pray for a healthy baby.

I am so thankful for this little girl. God is so good. Romans 8:28