Friday, June 26, 2009

16.5 weeks

Here's my belly at 16.5 weeks!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Mary Kay and more

As Trey mentioned, I am now a Mary Kay lady. My former consultant decided to quit selling MK and encouraged me to try it. It has only been a few weeks, and I'm doing okay with it so far. I have not really even done much yet to get my business started, so I'm glad I already have a few customers. I don't really have an agressive, salesperson personality, so I know I may be facing some challenges.

If you are interested in having a complimentary facial or hosting a skin care class, please let me know. Even if you are not interested in buying MK products, I'd love to be given the opportunity to share the products with your friends and family. I also have a MK website: if you'd like to place an order online. I will ship the products to you at no additional cost if you are out of town.

Now for the baby Bliss update. We had another check-up this week. Everything is looking good. We got to hear the baby's heartbeat. We definitely have an active baby. Every time the nurse would find the heartbeat, baby Bliss would move and she'd have to find it again. In only 2 weeks, we will have an ultrasound and hopefully find out if it is a boy or girl. I'm thinking it is a girl this time because this pregnancy has been different from Luke's. We have no preference this time. We just want a healthy baby.

I still have fears and worry about what may happen in the weeks to come. When those times come, I take my fears and worry to God. He has given me so much peace throughout this pregnancy. I just pray that peace continues as we get further along in this pregnancy.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream......

I feel bad not blogging more. Thankfully, there just really isn't a lot to write about right now. Nothing major is happening with the baby, it's not time to go to the beach yet, nothing major.

Well, Cheri is selling Mary Kay now....but she's gonna have to blog about that.

So, this post is dedicated to ice cream, specifically HOMEMADE ice cream.

After what seemed like a 10 year absence, my family has suddenly decided to start making ice cream again. It started last year when Cheri and I picked up some peaches on the way to Americus, then I made some Oreo for a church function, then some vanilla, and another batch of peach this past weekend.

So we got to talking, and decided that we would keep on the homemade ice cream kick, and tried to come up with some different recipes and flavors we could try....and that's where all of our faithful readers come in. I need some recipes, and I know that some of you have some great post your recipes here, or send them to


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Operation Day

Well, today was operation day for Cheri. Our adventure really started yesterday when she called to get her time and was told she was not being done until 11:30. So that meant no food or drink for a lot longer than expected. The food is easy, the drink is tough. Add the time for the surgery, and it ended up being about 15 hours without anything taken in.

Well, you do what you have to do, and we left about 11 to go to the outpatient center. I did my best to reassure her, even telling her she could ride in the wagon like Audrey has with all of her surgeries. I try my best to use laughter as a distraction. Well, when the time came, Cheri passed on the wagon, and went on her own to the operating area while I went to the lobby to wait.

Waiting is tough. I don't know why they try to reassure you by telling you it will only be a few minutes, or by giving you a time. That just makes it worse to wait...when the 30 minutes they say becomes a little over an hour, you tend to have a little worry creep into your head.

But just as soon as I began to worry, Dr. Goggin came out and told me it was over, the surgery had gone well, and the baby was doing great. He did say that the condition he fixed was indeed the cause of the problem with Luke, and that Cheri would need to have the procedure done with each child as we continued having children.

As we were preparing to leave, our nurse (Joni) reminded us more than once that they would call tomorrow to check and make sure everything was OK. Well, Dr. Goggin went beyond that and called us just a minute ago. He's the best, and continues to make us believe that we have made the right choice, both in trying to have children again, and in having him as our doctor.

In closing, we both want to thank everyone for all the prayers they have given us for so long, and especially in the past few days. We know that God is good and that He listens to us, and we are so thankful for His grace and love.